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Pale + nhomme + Tochukaso + Asunojokei - "Two" (4way split CD)

Pale + nhomme + Tochukaso + Asunojokei - "Two" (4way split CD)

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Just in time for the end of the 2010s, Pale, nhomme, Tochukasou, and Asunojokei have released a conceptual 4-way split album. Pale's style is post-black with traditional heavy metal elements and even a touch of NWOBHM, and it can be said that they are taking a more original route than their previous EP, nhomme is chaotic and technical, and the guitarist is supported by a member of 1inamillion.
Tochukasou is still not in its entirety. The new generation metal with a sense of secret room neurosis type cult, dark, and comical has a strong V-type color. The new song , Asunojokei that closes the last song is the highlight of this 4-way and is a must-listen.
It breaks the shackles of the 90s.

1. Pale - Dakhme 05:43
2. nhomme - 淋檎の謳 02:50
3. Tochu-Kaso - 玩弄物 02:38
4. Asunojokei - 冷たい傍ら 04:35


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