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It would be a lie if we did not hear the ongoing expression of Mr. Nemoto and others who have been active in bands such as SWIPE, THERE IS A LIGHT THAT NEVER GOES OUT, and Z. I don't know about the old Japanese EMO scene, but I can tell you that the expression/works left by these guys are serious.
I don't know what the Japanese EMO scene was like in the past, but I can tell you that the expressions and works they left behind were serious, and their sound is not just EMO that follows a musical style, but traces of trial and error. It is different from the "emo" (which is a convenient word because of its abstraction) that is instantly consumed in Japan today. The unique rhythm, beat, sound, and lyrical expression. And more importantly, a sense of color, including all the artwork. I think it was also an update of those things.
To be honest, POWER's sound source was not something that could be understood immediately after listening to it all, but that is why it is interesting. It means that there is a depth to it, so you don't listen to it as an EMO, but as music of someone who is still updating it. The Japanese language has a written form in the first half of the album, but by the time you get to the last song, "Hell," you've forgotten the kanji and it's broken down into hiragana and katakana, and more and more senses. But it's not difficult, and for those who have heard "THERE IS A LIGHT THAT NEVER GOES OUT" and "Z", I think you'll be able to enjoy it.


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