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[pre-order] Mildred - "Pt. Of Things To Come" EP (CD)

[pre-order] Mildred - "Pt. Of Things To Come" EP (CD)

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release date:  2024/07/31 (予約受付中)

Intense shoegaze from the poor neighborhoods of Los Angeles, a new lyrical poem spun from their previous album "Pt. 2"

Mildred, formed by impoverished youths in Los Angeles, California on the West Coast of the United States, completed their album "Pt. 2" in 2022, and 3LA released a domestic CD in 2024.

When they formed the band at the beginning of the 2020s, the U.S. economy was still growing, but the gap between the rich and the poor was widening amid a global pandemic. In contrast to the glamorous news reported in the media, the band members experienced homelessness in poverty-stricken areas, and the ideas that emerged from their lives of illness and desperation led to the band's expression, and the band's music is a fiery, passionate blend of raw, roaring noise and shoegaze, inevitably with themes adjacent to life and death. The music is vulgar and chaotic, but at the same time fragile and beautiful.

Pt. 2" was the band's first album, but "Pt. Of Things To Come" was produced in 2024 as a transitional album to "Pt. 1," an album in production that moves toward more fundamental themes. As the title suggests, the album consists of four songs that foretell what is to come.

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