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Roujin no Shigoto - "2nd" (CD)

Roujin no Shigoto - "2nd" (CD)

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The mysterious band, Old Man's Work, which had an overwhelming reaction from doom/stonerheads across the country when it released its first album, has finally released its second soundtrack. This album is also excellent.
The first song "Clouds Under My Eyes" opens with an old man's moan, and the mysterious catchiness of the stoner part of the song is demonstrated in the second half as the band gets into the groove, and the way the expression of the song changes even within one song, as well as the performance and sound are quite cool. You will already feel more satisfied with this EP than with the first one. The next track, "Moon World," has a great dub feel to it, and while many of these sounds are so good that you end up reaching outer space, the distance of the "moon" is also nice. The sound is also a new frontier, and the band's collaborations with other artists are quite expansive, which gives me a sense of the possibilities. The last song, "Ask the Spiral Turning," with metal percussion, is a hot development, and I am convinced that it is a good idea. It is instrumental music that has lost its words, but it is very musical in that the sound speaks more than the words. The total atmosphere full of dark x magical feeling is also unprecedented. This album has already been ordered by many listeners, and we are sure that the band will take a further leap forward.

1.Clouds Under My Eyes
2.Moon World
3. ask the spiral of the spiral

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