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SeeK - "崇高な手" (CD EP)

SeeK - "崇高な手" (CD EP)

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2013 release from Osaka hardcore band SeeK.

SeeK, a twin-bass band pursuing a unique sound of heaviness and darkness, has not released a new album in six years since their last one, "Korokutoru Nakaeru Nakade". The sound of the previous album was also heavy, dark, and beautiful, but this new album shows a further evolution of the sound.

Each part has an edge, and the overall impression is one of increased hardness. The title track "Sublime Hands," with its powerful blast beats, is the best of all. The sound, built with dangerous consistency, is more controlled and intellectually violent than violent.

As on the previous album, the intensity and bass-heavy sound of NEUROSIS, ISIS, and LIGHT BEARER give the album a post-metal feel, but overall, the post-rock elements of beauty and transparency have diminished, leaving the impression that the band has become more aggressive. If they release a full-length album in the near future, it will be a stirring work in the domestic scene.

I went to see them perform live with weepray, and I felt that they were pursuing their own path in a different style from weepray. The live performance was also intense.

1. 崇高な手 06:36
2. grace the dead leaves 04:56
3. reunited with delight 06:14

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