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sheersucker - "Diligent Learner" (CD EP)

sheersucker - "Diligent Learner" (CD EP)

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The sound source sent to me from Tomakomai, Hokkaido, Japan was insanely cool: a four-song EP by a band called sheersücker.

From the first note, the sound is definitely in the context of post-punk, but there's more to it than that. Just as an important element of intense hardcore was the deviation from the 8-beat, their beats are also 4-beat, 5-beat, 6-beat... The first song, which is a simple instrumental composition but with creative beats and harmonies, is a sure sign that this is the case. The last song, which approaches slowcore, is also good.

The bandcamp tag includes words like "dance" and "soul," and I personally feel a chord sense similar to Kyoto up and coming is used at times, and I feel an aesthetic of subtraction that increases the color in a small number of notes, and the chord work and harmonies must have been carefully thought out. I think there is a lot here that will seriously resonate with 3LA users. Recommended.

1. Guardian Chair
3. Do Of Your Own Free Will
4. We Fail
+ 16 pages booklet
+ parallel text

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