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snag + COMA REGALIA - "MMXXIII" (split 12inch)

snag + COMA REGALIA - "MMXXIII" (split 12inch)

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This is a split 2023 album by two bands from the US, snag and Coma Regalia.

Even though it is a split, each band has 5 full songs on the album, and the contents are quite spirited as a work of art.

Both snag and their previous album were pretty good, but you can tell just from the first two songs that the content of this split is beyond that. I also liked the way the band pushed through the intense emo violence with raw and beautiful guitars, and the changes from the third song onward that seemed to give a glimpse of what's next for the band. There is enough drama on just one side of the record.

I have the image that Coma Regalia puts out too much music, especially split albums, but the contents of this album are not like that. The keyword is RAW.

1. snag - lyla 02:30
2. snag - tunnels 03:30
3. snag - on the human condition 02:59
4. snag - evelyn 03:52
5. snag - a familiar feeling 05:56
6. coma regalia - initiate transfer 01:53
7. coma regalia - fire wall 02:39
8. coma regalia - redirect 03:12
9. coma regalia - algo error 01:22
10. coma regalia - log off 02:49

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