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snag - "Death Doula" (CD)

snag - "Death Doula" (CD)

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The 2019 work of snag from Milwaukee, US, was a shocker." The concept of Screamo was brilliant. Screamo is not just a pessimistic scream, but a dry, beautiful guitar tone and an expression that comes from a different place than the hard-core roots of the past. The sound is incredibly colorful. And then there was the question of where I came from and where I was going, and whether I had gone wrong somewhere. Although the theme is different from their previous work, this work encompasses many questions and is the culmination of their past activities.

In 2019, climate change is certainly one of the global topics, and it remains so today. But 2020, and even more so in 2021, was a year in which we had to face many more difficulties that are closer to home. snag's expression is accompanied by the word “anxiety.” Climate change is one kind of anxiety about the future, but the anxiety expressed in this work is closer to that of death. Death, loneliness, economic problems, and many other issues that had been kept under wraps until then were brought to the fore. However, we also learned that by lending a hand to each other, helping each other, and cooperating with each other in the community, we can have a bright hope for the future. This learning may have brought about a great change in the band.

The songs change scenery one after another even within a single song, leading the listener to a different light from the previous works, despite the intuitive playing, shouting, and disturbing sound effects. The forbidden collaboration of violins, cellos, trumpets, and other instrumentalists is also in keeping with the band's expression of cooperation in leading the future to a brighter place, and the ensemble is exquisite with the cacophony of the snag players.

Screamo/Skramz's musical history began in the context of punk hardcore, a place where the scene was dismissive and dismissive of the band, and that is why they are able to express alternative ideas. And because of this, there are alternative ideas, values, and styles that can be expressed. This is a work that all listeners who support Screamo/Skramz today should listen to. There is something clumsy but sincere and passionate in snag's expression that makes me think so.

1. Jar Spell
2. Heirloom
3. Prairie Thistle
4. Next Morning
5. Weathervane
6. Purgatory
7. Paradigm Shift

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