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[pre-order] SPOILMAN - "20231223 Live at Takinogawa-West-Community Center" (2xCD: 2nd Press)

[pre-order] SPOILMAN - "20231223 Live at Takinogawa-West-Community Center" (2xCD: 2nd Press)

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release date: 2024-07-12

SPOILMAN's first free one-man live concert held at a public facility in Tokyo in 2023 was fully recorded and released as a 2-CD set with 23 songs and 94 minutes in total!

In 2023, after releasing two albums “UNDERTOW” and “COMBER” at the same time, SPOILMAN went on an aggressive nationwide tour to Tohoku, Hokkaido, Kyushu, and Kansai in parallel with their live activities in Tokyo. As the culmination of the tour, SPOILMAN rented a public facility in Tokyo and held a free live concert on December 23 of the same year, However, the explosive power of their live performance, in which the band makes their songs resonate to the maximum with their high performance ability and a certain amount of playfulness despite their low budget instrumentation, has a universal appeal that is not limited to any specific genre of music. In other words, “20231223 Live at Takinogawa Nishi Kumin Center” focuses on the appeal of the live band SPOILMAN.

Mr. Numata (Mannish Recording Studio), who has been involved in SPOILMAN's past recordings, was in charge of the PA on the day of the live performance, from recording to mixing and mastering, just as he has done for past releases, to beautifully record and reproduce the atmosphere of the day. The vividness of the recordings and the dynamism of the performances, which are more than that of studio works, make this album an answer to the question, “What is a band in the coming AI era? The film has the strength to answer even the question, “What is a band in the coming age of AI? 

1.Garland House
2.Christmas Song
3.Ultima Thule
4.Swimming Below
5.Drunken Man
6.Flock Of Seagulls
7.Banyan Seeds
8.Night Fence
9.Lilac Purfume
12.Fantastic Car Sex
15.Inner Haze
16.Little Ripper
18.Pure Puke
19.AlterEgo OverDrive
20.Eucalyptus Hole
21.Super Pyramid Schems

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