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Submission Hold - "Sackcloth And Ashes, The Ostrich Dies On Monday" (CD)

Submission Hold - "Sackcloth And Ashes, The Ostrich Dies On Monday" (CD)

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This album was released in 2001 on Ebullition Records, a 90's-2000's intense variant that was not inherited at all in the 2020's. The album was released in the latter half of the band's activity.

The band ambitiously expanded their musicality based on hardcore punk, and fused it with Eastern European folk music that was far removed from the US mainstream. They were one of the few bands that embodied the concept of “post-rock”.

The message of the band's music is also rigorous and vast, as described in terms of anarchism and feminism. The ability to feel the heat that is put into the music separately from the soundtrack is also an attraction that cannot be experienced in digital format. Thinking back, the releases on the 2000s Gekijou and Ebullition labels themselves were works that cherished this experience.

I think Submission Hold has a really interesting musicality. Submission Hold's music is really interesting, too cool, true post-rock.

1. If And Or When
2. Motherfuckers And Beans
3. Tuesday Evening At The Dinner Table
4. What Copernicus Heard
5. Turpentine
6. The Day The Police Stole The Bushes From Grandview Park
7. Tha Parade
8. Meaning In Flames

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