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Suis La Lune - Quiet, Pull The Strings! (LP)

Suis La Lune - Quiet, Pull The Strings! (LP)

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In the first half of the 2000's, the European passionate style was established in Italy, France, Germany, and other countries, including Raein and Daitro. Suis La Lune, which emerged after the establishment of Raein and Daitro, had a unique Scandinavian sound.

At that time, the type of intense music had already been completed, and the great albums from around 2000 were already shared by the scene and listeners, but I don't think Suis La Lune was so highly regarded when they first appeared. I think Suis La Lune was not so highly acclaimed when they first appeared on the scene, and I think they were only good among new bands... I guess not.
Even so, Suis La Lune's sound, which expressed not only emo-violence but also a sensitive spirituality, resonated with the later Otaku Skramz and Nerd mindset, and gained tremendous support among the younger generation of listeners. So I think it can be said that there was a sound here that did not exist in that earlier era. There may be a reason to listen to it now, for some people.
That is why, though, it has a great influence on Japan.

1. Desperate Times... 02:35
2. Utter Silence Is Fragile 03:35
3. This Heart Easily Tears 01:59
4. Eries Flies Tonight 01:24
5. Quiet, Pull The Strings! 03:10
6. Finger.Voice.Heart.Shake.Shake.Shake 01:54
7. The Light Matters Always Matters 02:04
8. ...Calls For Beautiful Acts 00:58
9. A Letter - A Void 02:06
10. My Mind Is A Birdcage 07:40

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