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Svdestada - "Azabache" (CD)

Svdestada - "Azabache" (CD)

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The Seriousness of Those Who Are Still “Neoclasts” in the 2020s

Spanish neoclasts SVDESTADA have finally completed their album for 2021.
The album, produced at Kollapse Studio and engineered by Ivan of ex.Ictus, further explores the sound of their first album in 2018. Mario's lyrics are more poetic this time around. The melancholy melodies, which develop on a minor scale in the tradition of Spanish neocrust music, are accompanied by a fast-paced beat, and the music evolves in parallel with the lyrics.

At first glance, the lyrics may seem more esoteric or abstract than straight-forward, but as one listens to the album, the direction of expression is consistent with the more progressive structure of the album as a whole. But then again, he always sings about the pain of loss, doesn't he? I wonder what kind of karma he had to bear in his previous life, but that's what Spanish neocrust are for; even Ictus had the soul of a luthier.

And then, in the middle of the song, the bandoneon sounded like it was about to collapse my lacrimal gland... This is... It's like Piazzolla! Has the evolving SVDESTADA album finally incorporated piazzolla elements as well? In the past, there were several neocrust bands that added strings to their compositions. But in Spain, it was bandoneon and tango, not strings. Well, if this sound is the answer they came up with after facing their own identity again, the hypothesis that the traditional Spanish minstrel existed there may be valid. In that light, the lyrics that had become more poetic, the scales that had returned to traditional melodies, and their own neocrust sound that presents them to the modern world.... Well, here we are, the seriousness of those who still continue to play “neocrust” in the 2020s.

1. Manifiesto 01:08
2. Azabache 03:19
3. Fuga 02:45
4. Hogueras 02:02
5. Pesomuerto 02:58
6. Derrota 03:55
7. Petricor 03:53
8. Apóstata 02:29
9. Rendición 02:56
10. Sotavento 06:24
11. Galerna 00:46

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