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SWARRRM - "20year chaos" (CD)

SWARRRM - "20year chaos" (CD)

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3LA is proud to present the 20th anniversary edition of Kobe's grind kings, SWARRRM!

SWARRRM is proud of the unparalleled perfection of each of their albums, but the split and omnibus albums released during the turbulent period between "Against Again" ('00) and "Nise Kyu-seishu Domo" ('03), when the band approached emo violence and black metal, have become difficult to find. Many of them are now hard to find.
The songs on this album are from a limited period of the band's 20 years of activity, but as Mr. Kapo (Gt) said at the time of the decision to release this album, "This is an edited album, but I don't want it to be just an edited album. I'm thinking of it as if it were a third album that came late".

The fact that the entire album is complete and the songs that are so important to the scene are being brought back to life in this way is very significant for fans who have never had the opportunity to obtain the original recordings, and also for the band's 20-year history. The music presented by SWARRRM in real time, which evolved by incorporating grindcore, chaotic hardcore, and even black metal. It was always up-to-date, even for those who did not listen to grindcore. Listening again to the finished product, I am amazed at the songs that have not faded away, and I cannot help but have respect for the band SWARRRM, which is still evolving its own musicality to a new level without burning out, even after the production period of the songs included in this album. I can't help but have respect for the band SWARRRRM.

1. leave me alone 03:35
2. swirl 02:47
3. hurricane 02:24
4. impossible 02:21
5. doom 05:05
6. blame 03:24
7. limit 02:20
8. broken 01:57
9. suffer 03:52
10. dance 01:33
11. useless 02:10
12. struggle 04:34

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