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SWARRRM - "i dreamed..." (LP: ltd300)

SWARRRM - "i dreamed..." (LP: ltd300)

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The group has been in existence for more than 20 years, and their creative drive has not slowed down, but rather has accelerated in recent years. Two albums, "Flower" (2014/Daymare Recordings) and "Koware Hajime" (2018/3LA -LongLegsLongArms Records-), were produced after TSUKASA joined the band as a vocalist, They have built a unique art form that combines the wabi-sabi and songfulness of Japanese lyrics with the chaotic grindcore that had been considered their signature up to that point. At the same time, SWARRRM was not afraid to update, change, and go beyond the sound they had created in the past. While their changes have sometimes provoked controversy, each time the band has won the appreciation and trust of listeners with the power of their work. This album, "Yume wo Mitano," released by the band that has been standing on the edge, is a masterpiece that can only be described as SWARRRM in the way it combines chaos and beauty, while setting out in a different nature and direction from the past two albums. It is a masterpiece of music that can only be described as SWARRRM.

1. 答えが - the answer -
2. ハレルヤ - hallelujah -
3. 涙 - tears -
4. 見えない場所だろうと - even if it is invisible place -
5. 駅 - station -
6. knock me baby
7. ゆめをみたの - i dreamed... -
8. あの歌を - that song -
9. カナリア - canary -
10. 爪痕 - scratches -
11. みたされて - with satisfaction -

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