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that same street - "Endgame" (CASSETTE)

that same street - "Endgame" (CASSETTE)

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Hatsune-Miku skramz...? Times have changed. But it's not limited to skramz. The essence of skramz lies in its deviation from conservative definitions, but whatever it is, it shakes my values. It is a new form of music that appears with each generation in the form of 5th wave emo, for example, and of course I, as an adult, cannot possibly understand all of it. I'll be honest and say I don't understand it all.
That's not skramz!" It is easy to deny it. What can you say to someone who seriously expresses, "This is skramz! If I had been born in Japan in the same era, even Ian McKay would have had Hatsune Miku in his hands.
A sense of stagnation for the future, and hope, light, and sound for it. The words on the Internet have not commercial roots, but have been exchanged among people who love each other. In fact, the early 2000s, when Hatsune Miku was nurtured, was linked to the hard-core sentiments of the people, and it would not have been outlandish if later generations had established a musical style that mixed these elements in the sea of information.... It just wouldn't be accepted as "hardcore". The songs contain more emotion than borrowed songs sung by flesh-and-blood idols, which should be "songs" in themselves. There may be many listeners who just cannot accept the sound of Vocaloid, but those who can, should go now. The future is now.

1. End of Destroy 02:36
2. Angelfire Ignition 02:24
3. Endgame 01:46
4. Untitled 01 02:00

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