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Seek, who has been sharpening a heavy black sound in Kansai Osaka with Stubborn Father and others, and This Gift Is A Curse, a Swedish band that has signed with Season Of Mist and is rapidly gaining popularity in the Scandinavian metal scene. Both bands have English and Japanese lyrics.
Since their first album, THIS GIFT IS A CURSE has often been described in the black metal scene, but the sharpness of their sound is always pushed to the fore even in their most chaotic songs, and although the genre is different, they have not lost the sharpness and hardcore core that is similar to CURSED. The lyrics on the "This Gift Is A Curse" side of the album are translated by llasushi, who is also a well-known member of 3LA. This will be the band's first Japanese release, and we hope you will pay attention to the internal aspects of their lyrics. SeeK, on the other hand, has been four years since their last release "Sublime Hands" (2013), and their 4-way split 12inch with Altar of Complaints, Stubborn Father, and Thetan was also released in 2013, so it has been a while since their last release. A new guitarist has been added to the band's lineup, and the band's one-guitar + two-bass lineup is pursuing even greater heaviness, and the changes are beginning to show in the music. The band's new elements, such as the inclusion of blast beats, which is unusual for a band, are interesting, and the way that each note in the slow part comes at you like a heavy iron ball is particularly impressive. With their first full-length album scheduled for release in 2017, one can catch a glimpse of SeeK's sound world, which is finally beginning to reveal its full potential.
This split CD, produced in commemoration of SeeK's visit to Japan, features four songs from THIS GIFT IS A CURSE, including another mix of a past work, and three completely new songs from SeeK, mastered by M4 II studio Inada, who was also in charge of SWARRRM "20year chaos" released on 3LA. The dark sounds of both artists were mastered by Mr. Inada of M4 II studio, who also mastered SWARRRM's "20year chaos" released on 3LA.

1. hamnskiftaren
2. inferno ad.o
3. att hata allt mänskligt liv
4. the crossing
5. done
6. Rebellious
7.Beyond Blind Belief

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