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xonto - "orbis" (CD)

xonto - "orbis" (CD)

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The previous album "robot a", released in 2021, received a great response at the 3LA distro, and it seems to have attracted a lot of attention since each member, including sto cosi cosi, is a career member of the band. This is the first new release in a little over a year, again a 4-song EP, and again DIY handmade and numbered.
Like the previous album, there is a Doom feeling from the heaviness of the grooves and the rawness of the sound, but I was still convinced that at the core of this album is chaotic post-hardcore. However, the interesting thing about xonto's music is that they do not play within the rules, but rather deviate from them. It would be easier to understand if I explain that there is something similar to this in quiqui's skramz jazz philosophy. It is not business or logic, but play that we value the most.
Therefore, there is a total expression that is as detailed as ever, not only in the lyrics but also in the sound effects and artwork, so it will be more interesting if you face it with the premise that everything in this has a meaning. You'll get a deeper reading, man. I think the vocals are huge in the mix of the sound source, and I don't think it's the traditional intense hardcore way of perceiving it. The EP also includes a guest appearance by MC Poor, and leaves a lot of possibilities for the band's expansive sound.
The lyric cards are separate and the artwork, some of which are photographs and some of which are collages, are distinct, but the concept of the EP is consistent, and the large number of bands and people listed in the "thanks" list is also a rarity in this age of the Internet/subsktopia. The large number of bands and people on the "thanks" list is also rare in this age of Internet/subscription. This also makes sense. The rest is left to the listener to interpret.


1. Signal
2. Secret
3. Enigma
4. contine

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