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Years Passing - "In Japan" (CD)

Years Passing - "In Japan" (CD)

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Although he is a member of the legendary Scandinavian band Suis La Lune, a light ambient band that seems to be overflowing with healing negative ions, Years Passing expresses his music in a different way from that.

Although there are no Suis La Lune-like elements of intensity, his music, filled with grains of sound that seem to echo in a transparent and delicate cave of light, seems to express the very spirit of the man who continues to pursue the sound he wants to make.

In other words, it is pure and transparent to the end. People grow up and bands change their musicality. Each time, there is a sound that is etched with a person's present.

Years Passing is the solo project of Henning Runolf, the guitarist/vocalist of the Swedish emo/shoegaze band Suis La Lune and Sore Eyelids, and was released on the occasion of their first Japan tour at TJLA FEST 2015.

Henning's atmospheric and noisy side has blossomed into a beautiful ambient/drone/shoegaze sound created solely with guitars and effectors. The beautiful roaring noises and floating falsetto vocals are all unique to Henning's solo style, and his ideas shine through.

The album contains 10 songs in total, including 2 never-before-released tracks, 2 newly re-recorded tracks, and 6 previously released tracks, making it a compilation. Artwork is by marmushka (Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate), Shirokuma, Count Your Lucky Stars Records).

1. ömt
2. …after all of this *

3. mörkt & kallt
4. picturing it
5. du förtjänar bättre **

6. picking shards
7. can i depend on you for awhile?

8. dejected **
9. to keep on *
10. passing by your old home

*new track
**new version

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